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Well, it’s 3amπŸ•’..

The truth is, I never quite understand people who sleep easily. Sometimes, I envy them.
Don’t they have thoughts?
I wonder why I can’t go to bed and just sleep. It has always been so easy pushing an hour after another in the night.

I don’t know why I have to think so hard about everything the moment I decide to sleep.
I’ve got the worst case of 3am guilt trips and regret. Its when I lie in bed, awake, and I replay all the things I did wrong.

3am knows all my deep secrets, desires and fantasies. My regrets, failed relationships, disappointments and worries are not left behind.

3am knows all my happy moments, my family, achievements, friendships, dreams and hopes too.

These night muses will sometimes help clear the mind or mash everything up further… Either way, it’s all we have. Our own thoughts are our world, our home and our friend.

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