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“Every girl deserves to feel like a star
Every man deserves to feel like a king”…

Poetry, books and lyrics have been written to the effect.

Why can’t we all be human?

But look,
I don’t think my scars are beautiful.
I don’t think my stretch marks are tiger stripes or natural tattoos.

I don’t think my acne is pretty.
I don’t think the bags under my eyes are healthy.
I could use a little more or a little less weight here and there.

I don’t think my fears and insecurities are okay.

But I think I’m human.
I don’t think I have to be beautiful all the time in order to feel like a star.
I dont think I’m a star… I’m only human.
I don’t think every detail of my outer appearance should to translated into prettiness.

I don’t think I know what is pretty. But I  know what human is.

Human is imperfection.
Human is as random as it is unique.
Human is imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed.
Human is exquisite and beautiful.

We can all be human.

We are all human…

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