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Adulting is a bitch…(forgive my language).I mean, adulting is hard. I am hating this whole adulting sham!!

I don’t get a reward when my room is clean. I don’t get enough time for naps. Absolutely everything is far much more expensive than it should be. There aren’t enough hours in a day. Relationships and friendships aren’t as easy. Did I forget making life-changing decisions is not as fun as I thought?

As a child, and a teenager too, adulting(20’s) seemed fascinating. Like a real tempting bowl of candy within my line of sight that I just couldn’t reach. But now I’ve realised, looks can be deceiving and life is an epic roller-coaster ride.

Do you ever think to yourself, “if only I’d be a kid again”.
Shouldn’t adulting be exciting and full of amazing experiences and people? Why can’t life keep getting better, not worse?

I guess I’m not the only one who thought  that my childhood fears and insecurities will disappear as I mature, leaving me confident, organized and pretty much just awesome at everything and loved by everyone.

Many times in uni I’ve found myself waking up in a daze wondering who I am  and if my education is even still worth it.

I guess I am an adult now, I guess I am grown up, but everything still seems so unclear. It’s so unlike the impression I had as a child that adulthood was a concrete stage that I would know I had achieved (probably by the fact that suddenly I have all the solutions, get all the perfect grades, paid all my bills and other  similarly absurd ideas).

Maybe I’m slowly adulting, adapting and growing up. Maybe I’m slowly graduating from a view of life that is naive. Instead of perfection in every aspect life, all we get is a crazy mix of emotions. Happiness and sadness, fear and courage, darkness and sunshine, hatred and love, joy and misery.

All we get is an epic tale of defeat and triumph. Life offers no choice and although I am not a fan of the bad, I will take it all, as life gives.

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This is a wonderful thoughtful post!
I’ve been fascinated (as an old person :-p) by the invention of the term, “adulting”.
I too imagined that “having all the answers” time, ahead of me, as a teen. The difference was I had been asked to “try on” my big girl pants in many important areas by my parents.
From my vantage point, I see more parents and mentors endeavoring to ‘protect’ kids and teens from an imaginary line between childhood and an assumed “Big Bad World”.
It seems the current generation of parents (sorry to be so general) are doing a disservice to their kids by shielding them from some adult responsibilities. It’s a “sink or swim” tactic rather than a gradual introduction in the form of “swimming lessons”. The former can be quite terrifying!
Hope you don’t mind me offering my “two cents”. 😀

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Ah, the epic scam that is adulthood. To think we all wanted to be adults so bad when we were kids. Now, I’d just like to unsubscribe from this lifetime plan. 😭

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Adulting is enjoyable once you start finding joy in the little things; like the soap you are currently watching, the plate of chips you are abt to have or even the dress you’re abt to wear. The little things make life so much fun 😊

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